One in a Million

A film by Tobias Frøystad.

Tom a.k.a. Matoma may not be the biggest superstar DJ in the scene, but this big character from a small Norwegian town is one of the most unique. When he studied music technology it was to become a music teacher, not for aspirations of stardom. His life however was turned upside down when he uploaded remixes online for fun and it generated millions of plays. While this would be a fairy tale story for some, Tom didn't care about becoming a superstar - which is his unique gift, and sometimes his curse. In “One In A Million”, we're following Tom’s inspiring approach to a crazy scene, and ultimately his search for balance, in an industry which is tougher than he ever thought it would be.

Director Tobias Frøystad spent two years on the road with Matoma, Capturing his ups and downs around the world. In a fast-moving entertainment scene so much can change in such a short time, and so can a person and their priorities. "One In A Million" is an audio-visual cocktail showing this inside look at the music industry and Tom's professional and personal journey.